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400+ Beautiful & Attractive X Theme Examples

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This article was posted on Mar 7, 2017 and might be out of date.

When kicking off a new venture or freelance project I use a list of X Theme Shortcodes in conjunction with Land Book, LAPA and Uplabs.

This week I had to reach out to the X Theme support because I had some issues with Cornerstone conflicting with a security plugin.

Luckily the X Theme forum is very responsive and we’d it figured out in no time.

When I was scrolling, scrolling down the river — to the bottom of the X Theme forum to submit a ticket, I stumbled upon the Showcase your website thread.

The X Theme forum team (say that 10 times), actively sources X powered websites from that thread and showcases them on a dedicated page.

However, that wonderful resource wasn’t enough for me.

[cs_gb id=5856]

I constantly clicked on websites I already visited or found myself visiting the lower quality sites. (Trust me, you’re not one of them)!

So guess what I did?

I blocked a couple hours on my calendar scraped Themeco’s webpage and went through a list of 400 + websites.

I also used WP By Example as an additional resource and to reverse engineer some of the research.

You can call me crazy, go ahead.

Here’s my workflow

  • Take the link of the website.
  • Jot down the title of the website.
  • Quality rate it between 1-3, whereas 1 is best.
  • Take a screenshot with this Chrome extension

The end result was this Google Sheet.

Out of those 400 X Theme examples, I picked my personal top 20 which are shown below in no particular order.

If you like to add your website to the list I suggest submitting to the existing thread on the X Theme forum.

Barbera Aleks

Visit website →

Become An Athlete

Visit website →

Billy Gene’s Restaurant

Visit website →

Chat With Traders

Visit website →

Cheers Creative

I spoke with Dana, the founder of Cheers Creative. She has done truly amazing things with the X Theme,

Dana, founder of Cheers Creative: “I started using the X Theme for WordPress about three years ago and it caused a major turning point in my business. I used to just offer print design, and at one point I was struggling to learn web design. Working with WordPress and the X theme helped me to get into the web design business, and at the same time it exposed me to code.”

Visit website →

Fashion Mingle

Visit website →

GP Fair

Visit website →

In Go

Visit website →

[cs_gb id=5856]

Kindegren Singh

Visit website →

Krabbenhoft + Ingolfsson

Visit website →

Need more inspiration?

We’ve compiled a massive list of 400+ websites made with the X Theme. That’s not all, we went one step further and made a screenshot of each of them and gave them a rating based on design and functionality.

Online Mastery

Visit website →

Palm Springs Life

Visit website →

Petite Puf

Visit website →

Precision Printing

Visit website →

Real Jamaica

Visit website →

SEO Rank Monitor

Visit website →

Sky Tree

Visit website →


Visit website →

Tutoring Formula

Visit website →

Westgate Resorts

Visit website →

Enjoyed these X Theme examples?

Where do you source your inspiration? Please let me know in the comments, let’s discuss. These are mostly X websites, do you want to see X Pro examples too?

Other exciting news is that I’m in the design process of creating a huge UI kit for Cornerstone — pretty excited about that! You can sign-up for early access here.

Edit: The Cornerstone templates are now live! Learn more here

[cs_gb id=5856]

By the way, while you’re at, don’t forget to grab a copy of the X Theme examples, there are truly some golden nuggets in there ?


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