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Essentials: Huge library of templates for the X and Pro Theme (Retired)

Heads up 🤓

This product is officially retired. We had a good run, and a lot of freelancers/agencies found great value in the templates. However, I moved to Elementor, and I’m no longer actively using X and Pro. With that said, you can still buy the templates for a discounted price. Please note that support or refunds won’t be available.


What’s inside?

It sucks starting with a blank page. We know. That’s why we created Essentials. It will help you get unstuck and get a page set up fast. After that, you can get creative and make it your own.

  • General blocks
  • Complete pages
  • Pricing blocks
  • Team blocks
  • Testimonial blocks

Click here to view screenshots of all the templates


  • Template Manager support
  • Import the library in less than a minute
  • Lifetime access
  • Beautiful placeholders
  • Image placeholders by Unsplash
  • 20 General blocks
  • 10 Hero blocks
  • 10 Team blocks
  • 5 Testimonial blocks
  • 10 Pricing blocks
  • 5 Full page templates=

Chris Schwartze

Hey, what’s up! I’m Chris and I’m based in Enschede, The Netherlands. I have a long history of music production, marketing, web design, and development.

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